The Weather Wiz Long Range Forecast

Get long range weather forecasts from cities in the USA and Internationally.

Storm clouds and lightning stike.

Weather…a Hands on Approach

A Unique Weather Program for Young People

Back in 1962, Jim Witt started a very unique weather program. What made it so unique was that it was based on learning how to actually forecast the weather, the details would come later.

Long Term Learning

The program was developed for youngsters primarily in grades three through 12.

Turns Students Into Leaders

This program builds Self Esteem and Self Confidence. The students know something the other students in the school do not know.

Science Skills

Through the science of meteorology, Physics, Chemistry, General Science, Earth Science, Biology, Astronomy etc. can be taught.

Speach and Presentation

Students plan their discussions, audiotape them for critique. Presentation of discussion and forecast is optional to each class.

The Weather Wiz School

The Weather Wiz weather prediction education site goal is to introduce teachers to the most successful school weather program in the United States and get the student involved in this fascinating science.

The Program was designed by Jim Witt and honed via years of teaching and weather predictions. Recommended Teachers Curriculum by grade level.

Get to Know Your Clouds