Forecasting maximum & minimum temperatures for tomorrow



Letís forecast the maximum temperature for tomorrow.†† We will select a city for which to make the forecast.(You can select any city you wish).I am going to pick N.Y.C. in New York State.

Here is how it is done.




First, click on this:



Next select the state for which you want to forecast.(I selected N.Y.S.)Click on the state.

Next an alphabetical list of cities appears.Select the one you would like.(I am going to select NYC).

What appears in front of you is something like this: Click on link below:


You can decode this yourself, but look for the X/N.That indicates the high and low temperature for the day.(or if you bring up the site in the late afternoon, it will indicate the minimum temperature for the night and the maximum temperature the next day. The Maximum & Minimum temperatures are given for the next several days in 12-hour increments.(24 hour forecasts, 36 hour forecasts, 48 hour forecasts etc.).

****Here is the secret.Write down the Maximum and Minimum temperatures forecast and compare the actual Maximum and Minimum temperatures you record at your location.You may have to add or subtract a few degrees.Have the youngsters study this.After a short time, they will know how much to add or

subtract.Also, see if it works the same on a cloudy night, or during a windy day or if the ground is covered with snow. Donít give the youngsters the answers let them find out by trial and error.That is the fun.Some sharp youngsters will learn right away.Let them help the other youngsters.One only really knows something when one can actually teach it.